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"Max Wettstein certainly has kept his fat content down to enviable proportions for many years as evidenced in his many internationally published photographs in magazines and books around the world.  This book provides many valuable tips to anyone who aspires to look like him." - Howard Flaks, M.D., Beverly Hills Weight Control Expert.

In this photo I am carrying a 5-pound blob of human fat

AKA, 'Adipose tissue'.

It is what many of us are carrying too much of inside and around our mid-sections, obscuring our abs, distending our bellies, and making us sick with insulin-resistance, systemic inflammation and exacerbated by chronic stress. 

We would all like to reduce this torso fat.

I know how...

"How much FAT are YOU carrying?"

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'Skinny' is frail, weak and vain.

Skinny is out.

A lean, tone and healthy physique is IN!

Are you ready?


...Candace Booth, N.D., and I teach you the principles to lose fat, (both subcutaneous and 'belly-fat'), while increasing your over all lean-body mass, without counting calories or requiring an extreme diet.  Absolutely no food groups are eliminated, but, exercise is a must.  We accomplish this primarily by setting your metabolism on FIRE and teaching you the correct lifestyle.

Above photo shot by Robert Reiff

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A holistic and health-first, fat-loss guide and lifestyle.

Published Sept. 2008 by Destination Health Plus, co-authored by Max Wettstein and Candace Booth, N.D.

Destination Health Plus is a grassroots LLC, formed by sincere, naturalistic people who love life.

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- "Max has competed in two of my natural-fitness competitions and I can tell you he has some of the best abs around...he definitely knows a thing or two about what it takes to be LEAN!" - Clark Bartram, 'America's Most Trusted Fitness Professional.'

- “In this book you will find not only effective tools for immediate improvement in your lean-body mass, but also a holistic, healthy approach towards fitness and life in general.  To function at your optimum and look your best, a balanced, holistic and natural path is the only one to follow, and this book provides guidance along this path.” Chad Patrick, D.C.

- “It’s impossible to find a single flaw about Max Wettstein, both physically and mentally. I’ve worked with hundreds of fitness models over the past 15 years and Max has, by far, consistently remained one of the most professional, one of the most humble and certainly one of the most impressively put-together physical specimens in the business. See his pictures and you’ll admire him for his physique, but speak to him and you’ll equally admire him for his intelligence, his passion for fitness and his almost contagious optimistic look on life.” - Myatt Murphy, Personal Trainer consultant and author of 'The Body You Want in the Time You Have.'

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Book Summary:

FAT LOSS! That’s what “How Much Fat are you Carrying?” is about, and what makes it different from a thousand other diet books on the market today. When you only focus on dieting and losing weight, you may not be losing the right kind of stuff – FAT! Anyone can lose weight, but achieving a blissful state of ‘skinny’ will NOT guarantee that you are any leaner, nor in a better state of overall health. We use the words LEAN and Fat Loss because our purpose is to give you the steps necessary to achieve a lean body for life and ensure you are losing FAT not muscle. “How Much Fat are you Carrying?” also gives you lifestyle components so you WILL NOT gain the fat back! You won’t have to count calories, or eliminate any food groups, but you will have to get up, start moving and get some exercise!

This book is about change and we have filled the chapters with guidelines and information to boost your knowledge and assist you in achieving your goals and maximizing your potential.

Section One, GETTING TO KNOW ME is designed to help you examine the values and beliefs that drive your ability to succeed on any path you set for yourself. It is important to remove any negative self doubts or self defeating behaviors which allow you create excuses and maintain a comfort zone of denial.

Section Two, FEEDING THE BODY teaches you about the role foods play in fat gain and loss. We provide you with a simple, but effective eating plan that works while minimizing your sugar cravings and boosting your metabolism.

Section Three, EXERCISING YOUR BODY explains why only cutting out calories is a sure fire way to inhibit your fat loss efforts. Exercise burns calories and ignites your metabolism. We provide information that will even inspire couch potatoes.

Section Four, BALANCING THE BODY teaches how balance and moderation in everything you do, both physically and mentally affect your ability to function. You cannot ignite the fire of metabolism in a body with clogged elimination systems, blood sugar imbalances or a body exhausted from lack of sleep or stress.

Section Five, SUPPLEMENTS FOR FAT LOSS provides information regarding supplements that are safe and beneficial in promoting fat loss. These tools help curb appetite, boost metabolism, stabilize blood sugar, promote muscle size, utilize glycogen more efficiently, absorb dietary fats removing them from body, and rid the body of toxins. 

There is also an Appendix stuffed with all kinds of useful ‘goodies’ to support your lean-body/fat-loss efforts, including contact information so we can be available to support your journey.


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